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How to Repair your iPhone Battery | Northampton Apple Repair
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If your iPhone battery is suddenly draining quicker than usual, then it is time to look at the problems. Once you have gone through all possible techniques (like checking apps or restoring factory setting), then the only possible issue might be the battery. And if your phone is out of warranty then you will have to buy a new one and replace it yourself. This, however, is not as complicated as it sounds, and if done according to the instructions below, it will be a fairly easy process.

  1. Make sure to have all the tools at your desk (small size screwdrivers as well as an opening tool and a suction cup etc.). Remember to remove any liquids from the vicinity. Confirm that the surface is insulated to avoid any static charge, otherwise, it can severely damage the circuit board.
  2. Using the screwdrivers, remove the two screws at the bottom on either side of the charging port. Stick the suction cup on the phone screen to maintain a hold and using an opening tool (sharp enough to insert in between), separate the screen from the rest of the phone. It can take a small amount of force as the screen is glued with a little adhesive.
  3. Once you get the screen separated from the bottom, lift it up but not more than 90 degrees as it may damage the connector cables. Unscrew and remove the plate hiding the connector cables on the top side of the screen and circuit board. Unplug the cable and keep the screen aside.

Note: You don’t have to remove the screen necessarily but it is highly advisable to do so since it would make further steps much easier.

  1. Unscrew the plate securing battery connection. You would then see two ends of pull tapes at the bottom. Get hold of them and remove them. Make sure to pull them downwards only as it would be easier that way rather than going through sideways.
  2. Once the tapes are gone, remove the old battery. Stick either new pull tape pieces or two-sided tape underneath the battery for adhesiveness. Place the new battery on top and plug it into its place. Place back the metal plate securing the battery connection.
  3. Re-attach the ribbon cables of the screen back to their places. Switch on the phone to make sure that display has been well fitted and is working properly. If not, check for any loose connection. Switch off the phone and restore the metal plate on top of cable connections.
  4. Line up the display on the phone and push it with little pressure to fit it inside the case. Make sure the display is well placed on all four sides. Put back the two screws at the bottom to finish up.

For a more visual representation of repairing your iPhone battery, please do have a watch of these videos showing you how to repair the battery of the iPhone 5 and 6S!