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Yellow iPhone Battery | Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow?
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Your iPhone is working perfectly well but something bothers you. You have no idea why but the phone’s battery icon has turned yellow suddenly. Are you in this situation and are probably thinking that there’s a major problem with your battery? Or is this one of the many times you’ve observed this occurrence but have never understood why? Well, the first thing you need to know is that your iPhone or its battery has no problem at all. It’s an automatic setting of the icon that turns on and off whenever the charge in your battery goes below 20%. How we’re going to explain exactly why this happens and how we can switch it back so that it looks normal again. iPhone

It can’t be fixed by the Low Power Mode

The Low Power Mode feature in the battery settings of your iPhone is never a fix for any issues that your battery may be having. Probably you’ve also noticed that your battery dies so fast and this worries you as well. However, there’s another way of fixing the problems of your battery problems permanently. This is possible when you change a few settings on the iPhone. Alternatively, you can purchase some packs of external battery that can assist you when you travel and you need the phone stay charged for longer periods.

How the iPhone Battery turned Yellow

Now that you’re looking for the solution to your “battery turning yellow” problem let’s understand it better. So, we know that the Low Power Mode is the one that changes the colour of the battery to yellow and you didn’t turn it on yourself. What might have caused the colour to change to yellow then? To turn this setting on, you go to Settings and then to Battery. Had you turned this setting on, you probably have noticed the change immediately.
So, let’s understand what really happens. If your iPhone battery discharges and reaches 20 per cent, a window will pop-up on your screen to warn you that the level of your battery is getting low. It then asks if you’d want to turn the Low Power Mode on. As soon as you tap “Turn On”, your battery will turn yellow at that instant. Your battery will stay yellow even when you’ve begun charging your phone and only turn off when it recharges past 80 per cent. If you don’t allow your phone to charge past this level, the feature will still remain on and the battery will stay yellow.


Changing the Colour of Your Battery from yellow

We’ve now understood that the battery is yellow because Low Power Mode is on. To turn it off and let the colour change the colour back to normal, go to Settings- Battery. Next, to the Low Power Mode, there’s a switch that you should tap. Alternatively, let your battery charge past 80 per cent and the colour will turn to normal.


In wrapping up, when your battery turns yellow, you can easily start getting worried. But now you understand. Help another individual who might be experiencing the same.