Apple Mac Repair

Apple Macs have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. They pair ease of use with flawless simple design, a robust operating system with top end hardware. Unfortunately, they do still go wrong from time to time. That’s where we come in.

We offer Mac repairs and upgrades in Northampton and the surrounding area. Our wide range of Mac-related services means we’re almost guaranteed to suit your needs, whatever they may be. Below is a summary of some of our services, but for more information call us on 01604 372406 or email us at

Our Repair Services

If your Mac needs its screen replaced, there is an unknown fault, or you just want your Mac serviced to keep it running smoothly, we can see to that.

We also offer support for iPads and iPhones as well. We can repair screens, do a full refurbishment, or replacement common components. This includes the charging port, camera, and battery. One of our most popular services is our advanced Liquid Contact Treatment for devices that have been damaged by water. Most of us have unfortunately spilt some water over our iPhone, so this service can be a real life saver.

We also offer data recover services for your MacBook and iMac, for if you’ve accidentally lost some files, or your hard drive has become corrupt.

Our prices our competitive, with screen replacement from £40, and we can even replace some screens in 15 minutes without a need for an appointment. Prices for our advanced Water Replacement Treatment also start at £40.

The best thing about our service is that we offer a free diagnosis on all items. So, no matter the problem, big or small, we’ll tell you what’s wrong and then offer the most economical approach to getting the issue fixed.


We offer a wide range of upgrade options for your iMac or MacBook. So, if your Mac is feeling a bit tired, or needs a bit of extra power, we can sort that for you. We offer custom configurations including SSDs, RAM, and operating system upgrades. You can also choose from our recommended combinations which will improve the look, feel, and performance of your Mac and leave it feeling good as new.

MyApple customisation and branding

Another service we offer which isn’t to do with repairs or maintenance is professional customisation and branding of Macs and iPhones. We can create iPhones in any colour, both Matt and gloss, and also swap the Apple logo on the back of your MacBook for your own logo. We also offer iPad engraving and much more.

Contact us for a quote and more details on our wide range of customisation options.

Contact Us

If you want to talk to us about an issue you’re having, or have any further questions about our services, you can contact us on 01604 372406. You can also use our contact us page to send us a quick email and we’ll get back to you ASAP answering your questions.